Maestro Dobel Pavito

So earlier today I posted a picture of a shipment of tequila I received (that no one paid attention to) today in my story from our good friends at Proximo. I asked if anyone can guess what all bottles are in the box, of course no one cared to play along…

Thanks guys….

Well I’m going to pretend like y’all did and show you this beauty that was amongst all the beautiful bottles! 

Today I received a bottle of @maestrodobelmexico newest Pavito silver and I’m geeked about it! I’ve been told about this bottle for a while now and finally received mine! 

They have a unique cooking process where they infused the vapors with aromas of seasonal fruits, spices and…..

Turkey Breast! 

It has produced a nice delicious savory/smokey flavor to the tequila that is delicious clean and also in a mule! 

As you can see, I had to mix me up a nice strawberry mule as well after having a pour (or two) clean.

Definitely make sure to look for this one on the shelves to add to your collection ASAP! 

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