Sol Azul Añejo & Cohiba Puro Dominicana Pairing


I’m officially back! No Fireside Chronicles tonight, but I’m finally back to bringing y’all some amazing pairings! 

I finally had to crack open this Sol Azul añejo and of course had to pair it with a @cohibacigars Puro Dominicana! 

That first sip of the week was honestly a little rough, but the second one….. 

Delightful deliciousness! 

This pour taste just like sweet delicious fruit, very little bite, very little traditional agave, just deliciousness in a glass. It’s pairing amazingly with this always smooth and amazing smoke. 

Definitely happy I decided on this pairing to open my weekend with! Plus y’all know I had to go with the legend Scarface- Guess Who’s Back to kick off my first sip of the week as well!

Picked up this bottle from @morenosliquors for between $50-$60 bucks, honestly can’t remember the exact price at this point. But happy with the buy overall! 


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