Tequila Lovers Anonymous

This all started off as a Facebook group meant for a group of my friends and I to start sharing the tequilas and whiskeys we loved to drink and wanted to recommend to each other.

We had to do so via social media since we lived so far apart and couldn’t just walk over to each other’s homes to share a pour and good times with each other and our families.

I also had to keep the group private because I would get fired if my company knew I was apart of such a group.

In the midst of the Covid, I found myself with an overwhelming amount of stress from my everyday job and being lost for what my next move will be.

In an effort to cope and relieve stress I just found myself engaging in deep conversations and good times over an amazing bottle of tequila with local friends and family in order to get to the next day of life.

We would always search out a new bottle and a new brand to try and enjoy as a part of the deeper conversation, conversations that honestly saved our lives throughout all of this.

From the non stop stress from my job to the amazing tequila I’ve drank and from the life saving conversations I’ve engaged in throughout all of this, Tequila Lovers Anonymous the company was born.

I truly hope my company can be a source of laughter, love, support, and an amazing source of tequila knowledge for everyone.

We never know who lives can be saved or changed for the best over just an amazing pour with a friend who truly cares and who’s there to have a good time.