Taste Of Tequila

In this section, I want to categories the main flavor profiles of tequila. I find that every single tequila lover has their own lane that they like to stay within when it comes to which tequilas they love to enjoy on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Some people love sweeter expressions of tequila, while others tequila lovers like myself enjoy a more well balanced tequila that tend to favor an agave forward flavor profile.

We all have different flavors that fit our individual pallets. This is where I hope to help you find your favorite taste profile along with help you find amazing bottles to add to your bar for whichever expression preference you’re looking for. The current TLA flavor categories consist of the following.


As you go through your journey to find the right tequila for you, keep in mind each one of these flavor categories. As you’re finding the ones you like the most, think about which main flavors of each you love and want to enjoy on a daily basis. From there, you’ll know exactly which category to explore for additional tequilas to add to your bar from there! Enjoy!


Avion Reserva 44 Extra Añejo & Java Latte Cigar Pairing

The first TLA Top Shelf bottle I ever posted about, Avion 44 Reserva Tequila extra añejo. Check out my thoughts on this paired with a Java Latte cigar.

Table Bottle Tuesday- La Adelita Tequila Extra Añejo Video

This is the YouTube link to my La Adelita Tequila review of their extra añejo expression. In this version, you’ll be able to view the details of the bottle, hear my review of this expression, and find out where this bottle ranks among the bottles in my collection as well.

Tequila Ocho Añejo- Rum Cask Limited Edition

First and foremost, I love the unique taste the regular Tequila Ocho presents and how it creates a completely different class of tequila from the vast majority of all other tequilas! I’ll be doing a video and write up on the main distinct flavors I’ve found in tequila in short time, with Tequila Ocho highlighting this particular flavor category.

El Nacimiento & Joya Silver Cigar Pairing

Yesterday was an extremely stressful day, but happy I was able to end the night with El Nacimiento extra Anejo in my glass paired with a @joyacigars Silver stick while kicking back to some @skynyrd- Tuesday’s Gone.

Codigo 1530 George Strait Encore Edition

Perfect pour in my book! The amazing agave, the oak, the well balanced pepper! Wow! I could drink this all day and is a must that I keep on my bar at all times! I mean all the time!