Suerte Tequila

So happy to be adding this brand to the Members Only program and as a TLA Brand Partner! This tequila is one of the truly great expressions in the tequila industry. It’s made with 100% Blue Weber Agave, roasted in brick ovens for 56 hours, crushed with a tahona, and fermented with only natural ingredients that includes pure spring water. They then age their blanco in stainless steel tanks for 2 months before bottling it. Their reposado and añejo are further aged in charred American white oak whiskey barrels for 7 months to 7+ years. It’s truly a work of art in a glass!

In my personal opinion, this is truly a great pour for any occasion no matter if it’s for an amazing cocktail or just a nice neat pour with a great cigar. You’re never going to go wrong picking up any of the expressions they produce. You can find out for yourself by ordering one, or all, of their expressions via the link below.

Also, make sure to go check out their IG page for everything Suerte Tequila via this link —> Suerte Tequila Instagram Page


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TLA Top 15 Añejos

As promised in the last post, these are my top 15 añejos (as of right now)! Of course these are in no certain orders and are coming without any explanation of why they make my top 15 but that’s to come at a later time.