Brickterranean Beer Hut

Welcome to the High ABV Life!!!

At Brickterranean Beer Hut they are working on specialized small batch high gravity brews! Don’t be scared by the high ABV, their brews are still very approachable. They also are experimenting and pushing the boundaries of what beer could be!

I’m extremely excited for you to give their beers a try and let them take your palate for an amazing journey!

Not only, do they make amazing beer, but their glassware specially crafted to bring out the best of their brews and any of your other favorite brands are top notch as well. Come truly experience the High ABV life with one of their specialty brews enjoyed in one of their amazing glasses via the link below. Make sure to message them from via their website to check availability of their small batch brews.

Also, make sure to go follow them on Instagram to check out the latest releases for you to enjoy via this link —-> Brickterranean Beer Hut Instagram Page



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Members Only Discount- Brickterranean Beer Hut

So happy to be adding Brickterranean as a TLA Brand Partner! The beer glassware they produce along with the amazing high ABV brews they create are just works of art.

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