TLA Bleachers Crew Free Discounts

Ok, so I’ve heard you guys, I understand where some of y’all are coming from, and I’m listing! So due to receiving several request for this, there will now be a free/preview version of TLA Members Only for everyone to take advantage called TLA Bleachers Crew! The Bleachers Crew is specifically designed for those who are liquor store/ restaurant managers/owners, those who prefer to purchase their products in person, people who don’t feel comfortable purchasing products online, or just those who want a preview of the perks TLA Members Only will provide you with.

By signing up for the Bleachers Crew, you’ll be able to get a better preview of brand partners products, learn more about the brands, and even sample some of the products before purchasing them. The Bleachers Crew will also have access to purchasing barrel picks that we’ll be doing in the future of different tequilas, bourbons, and more. So feel free to sign up below! Join the crew, enjoy the free perks, and get your hands on some of the products that’ll soon be exclusive to just TLA Members Only members!

Of course, the paying members of TLA Members Only will have better access to these perks over the Bleachers Crew, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be completely left out. I’ll always include a certain portion of the crew in every sample shipment from brands and will reserve a certain number of single barrel bottle pre order slots for you guys as well!!!

But there’s nothing like being apart of the Members Only client list though…. Whenever you’re ready, hit that link below to enjoy even more perks and benefits for just $0.99 a month!


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