Pātsch Tequila

Pātsch is an expression that conveys excitement. It means to get hit in all the right ways. They think their tequila does that when you try it; every sip will awaken your senses with its deep aroma and multilayered flavors. You can sit back and relax with a glass or get up and dance — Their expressions are the perfect hybrid of both.

But enough about them; They want this to be about you. The Pātsch experience is different depending on who’s imbibing, and they’re not here to dictate how it’s supposed to taste.

Pātsch is a story about two friends who love tequila.

Man did they produce one hell of a tequila for us all to enjoy! In complete and utter honesty…. As soon as I tasted their extra añejo, it immediately went to my top shelf! It literally only took one sip… They also produce an extraordinary reposado, and a spectacular blanco that are must haves as well. This is true luxury in a glass and if you call yourself a true tequila collector, you must add their whole lineup to your collection now!

That’s why I’m so excited to be adding Pātsch Tequila as a TLA Members Only brand partner and of course adding a special perk for all the members. All you’ll need to do is show proof of purchase of one of their truly delicious expressions with the code only available to members to the e-mail that will only be revealed to members!

Don’t worry though, even if you’re not a member, you can still get your hands on their lineup. Just simply hit that link below and it’ll take you directly to their personal webpage to order your bottles along with learn about everything Pātsch Tequila. Don’t forget to go follow them on Instagram while you’re at it via this direct link to their IG profile —> Follow Pātsch Tequila On Instagram Now!!!


If you want to take advantage of the TLA Members Only perk they’re offering then hit this link to sign up for Members Only now! You’ll receive a piece of Pātsch Tequila apparel with every proof of purchase sent to the e-mail provided to members. Don’t miss out! Hit that link now!!!!


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