PO’UP! Card Game

So excited to be partnering with PO’UP Card Game to bring their amazing drinking card game to TLA Members Only! PO’UP! Card Game is an unapologetic party game that translates memories of your college days through good conversation and drinks. Their mission is to experience Black joy as a form of resistance by bridging the gap between alumni of HBCUs and PWIs so they can celebrate Black Excellence together. Each deck features 100 cards with questions and prompts that will give you nostalgia in the form of a drinking game. Categories include “BLK School Pride,” “The Great Debate,” “College Broke,” and more.

I truly had a great time playing the game on IG Live with Lizz and discussing everything that went into her creating this amazing game. It truly brought back some great memories and also taught me a lot about HBCUs I didn’t know before hand. I highly recommend everyone pairing this game with one of the bottles you pick up from one of our growing list of TLA Brand Partners ASAP!

You can order your own deck of PO’UP! Card Game right now via the link below. Also, make sure to go follow PO’UP! Card Game on Instagram via the this direct link right now —> PO’UP! Card Game Instagram Page


Of course with them being a TLA Brand Partner you’ll also receive a special discount for subscribing to TLA Members Only! To receive your special $5 off discount when you purchase PO’UP! Card Game, click the button below to get your membership now and unlock that secret code ASAP!


Members Only Discount- PO’UP! Card Game

Extremely happy to be partnering with PO’UP! Card Game to bring an amazing discount for a dope drinking game to all the members of TLA Members Only!


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