B-Cycled Bottles

B-Cycled Bottles, based in the Chicago suburbs, was founded in 2015 by Brandon Eckenrode with the goal of giving empty bottles a second life by up-cycling (cut/sand) them into glasses. They work with restaurants, bars, hotels, even golf course beverage cart attendants from around the country to save select empty bottles. They have customers from 13 countries, with thousands of bottles being up-cycled.

I personally have a B-Cycled rocks glass from a former Teremana Tequila bottle that I absolutely love! It’s my go to glass to enjoy a nice tequila, bourbon, or whiskey out of. I’m extremely excited to be apart of the growth of such an amazing company and cause. Happy to be adding B-Cycled Bottles as a TLA Brand Partner.

Check out their glasses for you to enjoy your next glass of whatever you enjoy in style and know that you helped give a bottle a second life! 

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Members Only Discount- B-Cycled Bottles

Extremely happy to be partnering with B-Cycled Bottles to bring an amazing discount for amazing repurposed alcohol bottle glasses to all the members of TLA Members Only!