Villa Lobos & CAO Session Pairing Review

Have @tequilavillalobos anejo in my glass, smoking on a @caocigars Session cigar, vibing out to some @champagnepapi and @future, Life is Good!!

This pairing is absolutely fantastic, the bold pepper and tobacco notes from this cigar calms down the pepper in this pour and let’s the fruit and sweeter notes shine through. The caramel and agave are the main flavors I’m tasting on every sip and are so delicious that I can’t wait to refill my glass.

The price of this bottle isn’t bad as well! Was able to order this bottle from @binnysbev for the amazing price of $65 and would gladly pay $100 for a refill!

Don’t take my word for it though, go pick up a bottle and stick for yourself and make sure to tag me in it with your thoughts!

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