Tequila Ocho Añejo- Rum Cask Limited Edition

First and foremost, I love the unique taste the regular Tequila Ocho presents and how it creates a completely different class of tequila from the vast majority of all other tequilas! I’ll be doing a video and write up on the main distinct flavors I’ve found in tequila in short time, with Tequila Ocho highlighting this particular flavor category.

To get to this Tropical Limited Edition Rum Cask version of their limited edition series though…

All I can say is, fantastic, bravo, gold medal on this one Tequila Ocho!

You can tell from the first sip that this spent time in some rum cask! The mix of their traditional tequila and whatever blend of rum that came from those cask makes for a fantastic sipper! I like it so much, I’m on my second consecutive day of having a pour of it, which is pretty rare for me. I like the sweetness with a kick throughout the pour that you know isn’t the result of too much pepper or being a badly crafted tequila just being massed produced for profit instead of for the love of the expression. The fact that this is a limited edition, one time release for the year truly breaks my heart because I would keep this on my bar all year around and share with friends. Be that as it may, I’m still extremely happy to have obtained a bottle of this, less on the whole fleet of the limited edition expressions!

Cigar pairing wise, I would definitely pair this with a creamier, smoother cigar with true delicious tobacco flavors so the tequila can fully shine the whole time. I wouldn’t pair this with an infused cigar, I think the flavors would just completely contradict each other and make for a less than pleasant experience. I personally paired it with an AJ Fernandez- New World blend and it paired perfectly!

Music Pairing, I had to vibe out to some The Steve Miller Band- Space Cowboy while enjoying this combo to really set the mood for a good time. Some Bob Marley vibed well with this combo as well!

Definitely go try this bottle, if you can still find it, and pair it with this smoke recommendation as well! Make sure to let me know what you think!

As always, love you guys, stay safe, make sure to like, share, and subscribe to Tequila Lovers Anonymous and Suburban Bourbon Dad for our latest articles and videos across all our platforms!

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