Tequila Ocho Mexico Transatlantic Limited Edition & Recluse Cigar Pairing

So finally finally finally getting to pairing this amazing @tequilaochomexicoTransatlantic Limited Edition with this @iconicleafcigar Recluse cigar- Draconian blend! It’s a chilly sunny day out, have some @eltonjohn-Rocket Man playing…. 

Moment of sweet bliss.

This smoke is nice and smooth, easy smoke, not heavy at all, just tasty tobacco that blends perfectly with the nice kick this rum & cognac cask aged blend gives you. Still has the traditional ocho añejo amazing taste, but the change up from the two other expressions definitely shine through as well!

Very happy and lucky man right now. 

If you can find them, I highly recommend this pairing for a nice calm relaxing evening. 


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