5 Tequilas All Bourbon Lovers Must Try

So since this blog does blend the worlds of tequila and bourbon lovers together, I figured it was only right that I come up with a list of tequilas all bourbon lovers must try ASAP! These tequilas are ones that our bourbon expert Jason and many other bourbon lovers we know have all tried and all immediately wanted another pour, or 5, of because they were just that delicious!

Don’t worry, this post will actually include pictures of the bottles so you guys will know exactly what to look for!

Thanks Cole for the criticism of my last non picture post….

Gran Centenario Leyenda Extra Añejo

So I first tested this one out with the owners of Laverdad Inc in our interview for Hustler’s Mentality in which we discussed their cigar The Breaks Cigar and paired it with one of their smokes. Both of them prefer bourbon, whiskey, or cognac and never were fans of tequila, until they took their first sip of this one. They loved it so much that they immediately wanted to go pick up a bottle for themselves and told the cigar lounge owner he must add a bottle of this to his bar for the lounge as soon as we finished the interview. I then had Jason try a pour of this during our weekly Sunday Fundays with the neighborhood crew… Immediate Stamp of Approval!

Codigo 1530 Añejo Encore Edition

I’ll be honest, I’m mostly adding this merely because this is my favorite tequila of all time (so far) and I just want you all to try it as well! This tequila features a lot of fresh agave, nice little pepper spice on the back end that reminds you of a great bourbon, and is just so damn good!!!

Every single bourbon lover I’ve given a pour of this to have immediately wanted to drink my whole bottle. Needless to say, I’ve had to cut more than 1 person off from grabbing my bottle for another pour without my permission….

Unc Johnny…..

Dulce Vida Extra Añejo 100 Proof

This bad boy is one of the spicy meatballs of the tequila world! Coming in well above the typical tequila proof at 100 proof, this one has a little sizzle to it on the way down! But, if you’re a traditional bourbon drinker then this is just a normal to weaker pour for you. The taste is amazing, it packs a nice punch, plus it’s organic…

You bourbon lovers who are also trying to watch your girlish/boyish figures definitely need to give this one a try!

Corazón Añejo aged in barrels from the Buffalo Trace Distillery

This one actually is one in a series of annual tequila releases aged in barrels of different bourbons released from the Buffalo Trace Distillery. I happened to have the Thomas Handy Sazerac edition, but there is also a Pappy, Stagg, Weller, and other Buffalo Trace bourbon blends editions. It really just matters on which year you’re picking up on which version of this series you’ll be able to pick up for your collection.

Obviously with this tequila being a collaboration with one of the best bourbon distilleries in the world, it’s an automatic must try for all bourbon lovers!

Arette Extra Añejo

Last, but definitely not least!! This Arette EA is absolutely perfect for bourbon drinkers! It has a great sweetness to it, packs a nice quiet punch to it, and is one of the very few bottles I’ve had Jason try where he actually switched from drinking bourbon to only drinking this for the rest of the night!!!! My mind damn near exploded!

I popped this bottle open while drinking with only bourbon/whiskey lovers and received an overwhelming stamp of approval by all of them. So of course this was an easy add to the list.

So I’ll keep it simple to close it out. Check out the list, find the bottles, drink the bottles, enjoy the bottles, love the bottles, repeat!

Salud, happy summer kick back season!

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