Top 5 Anejos Under $60

There are a ton of tequilas that are on the market today, but some of them just simply aren’t good. I know you guys come here for a little insight before you buy your next bottle, so I figured it was only right take a little bit more of that stress off of you and help you make a more informed tequila selection.

Therefore, I have created a list! A top 5 list to be exact! The first top 5 list of many to come! Below, I have listed my favorite top 5 anejos that you can get for under $60 and still have an amazing pour in your glass! I’m also going to provide you with the price I paid for them and my exact opinion of each bottle, that way you know which one fits your taste and which one you want to start with before you buy.

Enjoy and make sure to let me know what you think!

5) Peligroso: Approximately $30. Great intro bottle to get you away from the mainstream, mass produced bottles with no soul in the craft. It’s a lower budget version of a Pasote, Tequila Ocho, and others that have the light and fruiter flavors to them. Plus you can never beat the price for this bottle when compared to other brands in this price range.

4) La Adelita: Approximately $50. This expression is a well balanced tequila with nice agave, slightly sweet notes, and a good pepper on the back end with very little bite to it, but you’re still going to know it’s tequila.

3) El Decreto: Approximately $50. I was honestly shocked at just how delicious the expression is when I first tasted it! It’s literally just like drinking straight agave juice! No sweetness, very little pepper, just straight fresh agave the whole way through! This tequila honestly taste just as good as a bottle I recently picked up for $100+ dollars. I do not see this bottle staying at this price range for much longer!

2) Maestro Dobel: Approximately $40. This is honestly one of my go to bottles and daily drinkers. It is amazingly well balanced. Nice vanilla, nice agave, nice pepper (but not too much), with hints of cinnamon and oak as you get deeper into the pour. When people new to tequila ask me what bottle they should start with, I always recommend this first! You’re getting a nice pour for a great price that isn’t going to be overwhelming in any one direction. Amazing pour for the price!

1)Cenote: Approximately $55. Now this is absolutely one of my favorite expressions of all time! When I first had this bottle, I immediately had another glass just to make sure it wasn’t just some magical pour that found it’s way into my glass from the tequila fairy! It was a Friday night as well and was pregaming for a neighborhood back yard party, so I didn’t mind having one or two too many to start the night off with as well. But man…. The amazing caramel that’s masterfully blended with the perfect amount of pepper and agave just blew my mind! I made the mistake of putting it on the table for everyone to try, needless to say, it was gone within an hour into the party! Immediately went out and picked up another bottle the next day. To put it simple though, this bottle taste better than several $120+ bottles I’ve had, for half the price…… You must go try this ASAP!

There you have it guys! My top 5 anejos under $60 list! I know this list will change so I will be sure to update it maybe mid year. But keep an eye out on other top 5 tequila list soon to come out over the next coming months and if you’re a whiskey/bourbon lover as well, make sure to stay tuned for the top 5 bourbons under $60 Jason will be posting soon!

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Love you guys, stay safe!

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