Table Bottle Tuesday- Amate Anejo

So, while I’m happy to have this pour in my glass, I’m also kind of disappointed in it as well. I was hoping for more from it than what I’m getting and with every initial sip I take, I think I’m going to get a nice sweet finish or bang of fresh agave, but it just doesn’t come through.

I only paid $45 for the bottle so I know I shouldn’t expect too much out of it, but man… The potential is definitely there for it to be a great tequila and a great value buy! I get some upfront vanilla and agave on the initial sip, but then a strong pepper and alcohol flavor to it that I just can’t get past. If that alcohol flavor was just a little bit more subtle or if I sipped it on the rocks then I would definitely rate this a table bottle all day. But because it’s not and I don’t like sipping tequila on the rocks, I would say it depends on the company you’re around.

If I was around a group of people who are use to drinking low end bottles that range from $16-$30 dollars or love tequila on the rocks, then I would 100% put this on the table for everyone to enjoy and be impressed by. But if I’m around people who are use to enjoying tequilas $75 and up while sipping it clean… I’m leaving this on the bar or using it to make mixed drinks/margaritas with.

Ultimately this is not a terrible bottle, it definitely would get a table rating under the majority of casual tequila drinkers and definitely would shine in a great mix of said person’s preference. I would say give it a try for yourself to make the ultimate judgement on the bottle then let me know what you think!

Rating: Lower end Table Bottle/Table Bottle when on the rocks.

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