Arette Extra Añejo & Fuente Cigar Pairing

So this quickly became one of my favorite pairings of all time! @tequila_arette extra anejo paired with a @fuentecigars Personal Reserve while vibing to some Jay-Z- Party Life was heavenly!

The deep oak and sweet notes with 0 bite of the tequila paired amazingly with the absolute deliciousness of this stick.

I’m having a real hard time fully explaining how good this combo is to be completely honest! Best way I can describe it is you MUST go get this combo for yourself to fully understand and grasp how perfect this pairing is!

This will NOT be the last time I enjoy this combo, way too amazing to go more than another month without enjoying this pairing again!

I was able to order my bottle from @binnysbev in a Orland Park, IL and the stick was gifted to me.

Just go get the pairing and thank me later.

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