1974 Jose Cuervo & AJF Cigar Pairing

Man, this 1974 @josecuervotequila Blanco and @hector_ajf @frankie_ajf @ajfcigars- Ramon Allones stick while kicking back to some @michaelkiwanuka hit the spot today!

This classic pour paired with this amazingly smooth stick was absolutely spot on! The stick allowed the sweet citrus flavor of this classic Jose to shine bright and had completely 0 bite!

I wish I had a time machine to go back to 1974 just to pick up the whole fleet of Cuervo and hoard them all to myself hahaha!

I got this bottle completely free from a good friend and the sticks were gifted to me. If I was to put a price on this pairing though, I would gladly spend $150 for this!

Also, if you know me and reading this… This bottle will not be leaving the hidden stash anytime soon!!

Absolutely no chance of me being able to get my hands on another bottle of this so will be savoring this for years to come!

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