Yeah, I said it. Fuck fear and the dark horse it road in on!

Yes, I know those are some dark words and this has nothing to do with tequila or whiskey, but this is my random thoughts section, so fuck it. As I’m sitting here watching my kid fully embrace his wildest thoughts and create every single fun game that comes to mind, I can’t help but wonder what all creative and amazing things the world is missing out on right now…. Simply because someone was too scared of being negatively judged, failing, actually succeeding, or whatever other factor they feared that led to them not follow that “wild” idea they had or invention they never showed the world.

What would it all look like?

One can only imagine.

Then I think about all the things I could have been or done if I didn’t have the fear of God instilled in me to keep a normal 9-5 or else be labeled a loser that kept me inside the prison that the mind can be. A prison that has caused me to go the safe route once my son was born instead of continuing to chase down those dreams that led me to the person and success I achieved during my early to mid 20s. It’s chilling sometimes and takes the breathe away to think about the possibilities. Like, what if I would have kept chasing after making it to the majors, or writing, or developing the business I had started back then.

But then all the what could haves, should haves, and would have beens creep into the mind that keep you stuck in the past.

Fact is, we can’t do that to ourselves.

We can’t let the fear and honestly misconceptions of what we should have been, could have been, or once was control who we are now and who we will be in the future. That type of fear will completely suck our souls dry while also snatching away all possible creativity, joy, love, and lust for life we still possess. That type of fear will leave you a lost soul just wondering around the world without purpose, drive, and content with whatever bone life throws you.


I can no longer let fear keep me from chasing down my dreams, enjoying life, and living on the highs of the days! I will no longer allow myself to feel guilty for being different, for standing out from the crowd. I’m choosing to embrace my uniqueness and look at my seeming flaws as what makes me great instead of what I should fear people finding out about me.

That’s because our “flaws” are actually our super powers!

Who wants to go through life being just like everyone else? Who wants to look, act, sound, and carry themselves as if they were cloned and sent out in the world from the generic human factory?

I sure in the hell don’t want to!

Fact is that we should all embrace who we are as unique, amazing creatures that are all beautiful and worthy of the highest of love the world has to offer instead of steadily fighting ourselves and our natural natures to fit into some mythical type of so called perfect person and world.

Embrace yourself, embrace your uniqueness, and overall love the skin you are blessed to have!

You won’t ever know what type of super powers you possess until you allow yourself to blossom into your super hero form.

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