Who’s Your GOAT

Ok, so you already know my views in this topic if you’ve ever even talked to me once about sports!

Lebron is the GOAT! Point, Blank, Period!

The man has won at least 1 title with 3 different franchises, has more points while taking less shots, leads in about every other major category that’s not steals related, has 100% played against tougher competition, and has never played for any coach that would ever be considered one of the greatest, less on the greatest! The man also beat the best regular season team of all time after beating the 73 win GSW team! That’s while being down 3-1 in the series and the man literally leading every single major stat category, for both teams!

Like, this is not even close people!

Not to mention, MJ only has 1 individual career playoff win in his whole career without Pippen and Phil on his team!

What other GOAT has the same type of trash record without their sidekick(s)????

Not a damn one!

Then you look at the fact that the man has been swept twice….. IN THE FIRST ROUND!

Come on man! Not even close people!

Y’all let me know what you think though and make sure to bring this up at your next fellas meeting.

If they say anyone else outside of Lebron or Bill Russell…. Don’t ever trust their sports judgement again!

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