Tequila Wish List

List of all the tequilas I’m looking forward to trying! I’ll be updating this list on a random basis so please feel free to come back on a weekly basis to check if it’s changed.

  • Lobos 1707
  • Mandala
  • Dame Mas Reserva
  • Tequila Ley 925
  • Fuentaseca
  • Dos Armadillos
  • Penca Azul
  • Herradura- Extra Anejo
  • The Bad Stuff Reserva
  • Nicho Real
  • Calera
  • Don Pilar
  • Lalo
  • Mala Vida
  • Don Abraham
  • Volcan- Anejo & Extra Anejo
  • Espanita
  • Compoveda
  • Suerte

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