Cava Antigua & Don Lino Africa Pairing

Second bottle, first cigar, first official tequila/cigar pairing at the fire pit! 

It’s chilly out, but I feel nice and toasty by the fire!

Tonight I have Cava Antigua añejo in my glass, puffing on a @miamicigarDon Lino Africa while kicking back to a mixture of Nirvana- Come As You Are, @skynyrd– Free Bird @richforever– Cigar music tracks as the sun sets. 

Couldn’t ask for anything more or expect anything less. 

This smoke is a nice bold strong tobacco forward stick with a nice pepper that highly complements this pour. The Cava is extremely fresh agave forward with a nice vanilla to it as well. Getting 0 bite, but that could be the spice from the stick that masking it in an amazing way. Either way, I love it. 

If it was a little bit warmer, I’d be out here the rest of the night! 

The bottle goes for about $60 and the stick I picked up from Tobacco Plus Cigar Lounge in Mattesson,IL for about $14 (if memory serves me right). Either way, great combo at a great price for a relaxing Thursday evening! 


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