Tequila Don Fulano Añejo Expression Quick Review & Ranking

Today I’m bringing you guys a quick review of a damn rock solid brand!

This review is going to cover Tequila Don Fulano.

In particular, their añejo expression.

Let’s get into it!

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NOM- 1146

Last time I bought a bottle of this it was $75 out the door.

Tequila prices have risen since then so could definitely be more!

I found it online at reservebar.com at $79.99 before tax & shipping.

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Recommended Ways To Enjoy

I’m always going to recommend you try every tequila neat/clean first.

This one is no different!

I highly enjoy this tequila as a neat every day sipper and think you will as well.

Some of the TLA Tasting crew highly enjoyed this on the rocks though.

Others enjoyed it in a simple margarita.

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Ranking- Cork & Keep

This is some quality tequila I think should be shared with everyone!

However, that $75-$79.99 price tag is an expensive bottle to just be letting everyone pour and drink however they feel from.

So I’d highly recommend people only bring this bottle out around certain company that will truly enjoy the quality of the pour and not just pour freely to take shots with or chug down.

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Taste Category- Well Balanced

This is a great balanced tequila for every day sipping!

There is no overly dominate flavor in this tequila, which makes it great in my book.

You’re going to get an amazing balance of fresh agave, black pepper throughout the pour, delicious fresh water, and hints of sweet vanilla more toward the back end.

Great pour to share with small groups of your crew!

Check out the YouTube link to the Table Bottle Tuesday featuring Tequila Don Fulano añejo expression below!

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Table Bottle Tuesday- Tequila Don Fulano Añejo Ranking



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