Grand Love Añejo & Nector Miranda Special Selection Pairing

Tonight I had to break out the @grandlovetequila añejo and pair it with a @nestormirandacigars Special Selection stick. Of course I had to throw on some music with this combo as well and @janisjoplin– Piece Of My Heart just seemed like the perfect cut to set the vibe right. 

I’ll be honest with y’all, I had a hard time pinpointing exactly what this pour tasted like, especially with this amazing stick paired with it. I didn’t get a ton of fresh agave, or any traditional sweet flavors associated with tequila, but it was definitely a good pour from the start. I gave mama Burks a pour (y’all will meet my mother tomorrow on Fireside Chronicles) and she described it as a mild cinnamon and ginger mix taste to her. She liked it a lot though!

Personally, I’m getting more of a great mezcal vibe from this pour when paired with this smoke. I think the stick was just so bold that it added a great smokey flavor to the bold cinnamon sweetness of this pour. 

I was able to get this bottle for about $90 bucks, I definitely would say it’s fairly priced and will buy another bottle at some point after this one is done. It’s a nice change up from the traditional tequilas I currently have on my bar. 

If you’ve had it before, drop your thoughts of it in the comments. 


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