Cantera Negra Añejo & Avo Cigars Ritmo Pairing

Another great night of enjoying yet again another amazing expression from my friends @canteranegratequila to help vibe out with. (ad)

Instead of a fantastic cocktail, I’m enjoying a clean pour of their absolutely delicious añejo paired with an Avo Cigars- Ritmo stick and some Phil Collins- Another Day In Paradise. 

Absolutely loving the delicious combination of the sweet vanilla, fresh agave, and slight pepper on the back end of this pour. As you allow it to breathe, hints of honey and caramel start to shine through with that beautiful agave eventually stealing the show and running away with your heart! 

The boldness of this stick really calms down the pepper of the pour and ultimately allows it to blend into the background to create an amazing combination for the ages! 

If you haven’t already, make sure to go follow my good friends over at @canteranegratequila on Instagram and pick up a bottle (or 10) of not only their añejo, but all of their beautiful expressions! You can also find their lineup via the link in my Instagram bio, which will take you directly to their Drizly shop! 

Enjoy TLA Family! 


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