Jack Daniels Binny’s Pick & Plansencia 146 Cosecha Pairing


Had to break out the @jackdaniels_us@binnysbev Select and pair it with this @plasenciacigars 146 Cosecha tonight. 

It’s Wednesday, it’s Whiskey Wednesday, it’s absolutely beautiful out tonight, so why the fuck not switch it up for a change! 

I’ll tell y’all though, I’m getting a lot of delicious spice off this stick, but this Jack…. 

Man it’s a spicy meatball! 

Coming in at 133.3 proof and you can feel every single bit of it as soon as it hits the lips! Absolutely delicious and definitely calms down the spice in this medium to full body stick as you sip more and more of it! 

Absolutely delicious though! Great pairing to relax to on a perfect Chicago evening! 

I picked up the bottle at the Orland Park Binny’s location for about $80 (if I remember correctly) and got the stick from T.P. Cigar Lounge in Matteson for about $16 (if memory serves me right). 

Go pick up both and let me know what you think! 


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