Popular Tequila vs Quality Tequila

All too often we mistake popular tequila for quality tequila and I’m writing this to change that! We always think that because everyone knows the name of the brand, everyone we know is drinking it, and because we’re hearing about the brand in songs or seeing it on shows that it’s the best tequila around, no. Often times it’s not even close and it’s often trash tequila that make you only want to take shots of or mix it with your favorite flavors to mask the horrific taste of the pour.

Fact is that is that you’ve fell into the popular tequila trap and you’re ruining your taste buds from actually enjoying real quality tequila. When you get a quality pour, you don’t need ice or a mixer to truly appreciate the flavors that shine through. You fall in love with the complex blends of vanilla, caramel, oak, agave, black pepper, cinnamon, and other amazing ingredients each particular quality tequila brand produces. Once you get your hands on a quality pour of tequila, it changes your whole idea of what tequila truly is and will quickly turn you from a tequila hater to a tequila lover.

The upfront flavors, back end bite, and the age group that recognize the brands are the easiest ways to measure if the tequila is a popular tequila or a quality tequila. I’ll be 100% honest, I immediately question a brand when I see more 21-30 year olds loving a tequila than 31+ individuals loving it. My mind automatically goes to club tequila instead of an actual quality pour.

One of the first general flavors you should taste in a clean quality pour should be either vanilla, caramel, agave, or cinnamon with a slight pepper to no pepper finish on the back end. The sweetness of the tequila shouldn’t be over bearing to the point that it taste more like syrup or an overly sweet pop. The pepper shouldn’t be burning a whole through your throat and you should never ever ever get a taste of an additive or a non natural flavor that makes you cringe in disgust. After that first taste, you shouldn’t want to add anything to your pour to make it easier to drink or taste better, except pouring more in your glass before everyone else drinks it up.

At the end of the day, a quality pour is like no other. Being able to sit in your favorite relaxing spot with a top notch pour and a quality stick makes all the difference in the world. I hope reading this article will lead you to the light of quality tequila over popular tequila. Once you learn the difference, it will not only make your taste buds much more happier, but it may also save you some cash as well due to most quality tequilas being cheaper than most popular tequilas.

Enjoy TLA family, please like and share our post with all of your friends to make for a better tequila experience for all!

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