3 Reasons Why People Fail In Business

There are a multitude of reasons why people find themselves failing to grow and ultimately become unsuccessful in business.

This ranges from lack of resources, lack of a vision, or just pure lack of knowledge of the industry they’re trying to compete in.

In this article, I’m just going to focus on the 3 main fears that I’ve found that leads to failure in business and personal financial well being. No worries, I’ll also provide you with some tips to overcome them as well!

Now of course I can point out a lot more than 3 and there will most likely be a part 2 to this article, but these are 3 fears I’ve found even in myself that’s kept me along with others from growing and achieving success.


Afraid Of A Challenge

This one right here….

This is a huge one!!

So many people are absolutely terrified of anything challenging and will run away at the speed of light from anything without an easy solution.

It will make them give up on all their hopes, dreams, and admirations just to avoid the pain, stress, and struggle that comes along with the journey to success!


The fact is that being successful in business and/or becoming wealthy is an extremely hard grind.

So if you’re not up for a challenge or don’t want to go through some tough days then you’re never going to get out of that comfort zone you’re currently stuck in!

The hard truth is that you need to face that challenge head on and overcome that fear at all cost!

If you don’t….

Well, just get comfortable staying in your current stage of life you’re in now, if not worse….


Tips To Overcome The Challenge

With all the above being said, there are definitely some techniques to implement in your daily life to overcome your fear of a challenge!

To help, I’m going to provide you with 3 quick techniques below on how to overcome said fear.

Take the challenge one day at a time

You’re success won’t happen overnight!

So try to be as successful as possible each day and trust that the overall body of work you put together will lead you to achieving your goals!


Don’t be a perfectionist

Nothing in business is ever perfect!

Every single thing you produce is going to have your own unique twist to it and will never look the same as someone else’s product/financial structure.

Produce your product/service without needing it to be “perfect” before you release it.

The odds of you releasing this “imperfect” work of art or starting your financial journey with an “imperfect” plan ruining you for life are next to impossible!

You having the confidence to start it alone will drive you to continue to improve upon your plan/product and can lead to the very thing that makes you wildly successful.


Celebrate the small victories

Take joy in the small successes that happen in your business/financial journey!

When you gain a new follower, see your reach increase, an increase in sales by any amount then use that as a confidence booster and a sign of growth!

Those small victories will snow ball into big victories along with keep you motivated to stay on your path to success.

Joy and celebration is a bigger motivator to overcome challenges than anything else so bask in it and that fear of a challenge will disappear in no time!


Afraid Of Judgement/Criticism

The fear of judgement and criticism from your circle/the public will stop you dead in your tracks!

Social influence and pressure has quite literally broke the spirits of millions of people throughout history.

This is also no different when it comes to running a business or changing for the better to become wealthier!


You’re going to have people who test your determination, temp you with desires that’ll break your will, and just out right try to plant doubt in your ability to succeed.

This is probably the biggest barrier to becoming successful and financially secure of all!

Being negatively judged and publicly ridiculed is a bitch!


Tips To Overcome Judgement & Criticism

Now there are certainly ways to overcome your fear of judgement and criticism!

It’s definitely a challenge but it’s definitely achievable.

And just like above….

Here comes 3 tips of how to concur your fear of judgement and criticism from everyone!


Have a fuck you attitude

Now this doesn’t mean you just go around literally saying fuck you to every single person you come in contact with that criticizes or judges you!

That would be detrimental and would hurt more than help.

But you should have a quote on quote “fuck you, pay me” type attitude when it comes to business and your financial success!

Ultimately meaning that no matter what anyone has to say or anyone thinks, your focus is on achieving your goals and becoming successful.

You’re not letting anyone’s words or opinions knock you off your path!

No matter what the temptations or obstacles are, your focus is success and nothing less!


Have a one track mind

Have a mindset that purely focused on the path to success!

Simplify your thoughts and actions toward improving your business/finances that points to progress as much as possible!

Leave very little room in your daily growth activities that leave little room for deviating off track!

Stop thinking about what you can buy now or how successful in business you’ve become and only think about growing more.

That simple….



Look at everything in a positive light!

Stop looking at everything that can go wrong and look at everything that can go right.

The more you look at things from a negative mindset the more things are going to fail because your outlook and mindset dictate your actions.

Same thing goes for a positive mindset!

Look at all the possibilities available for your business and your financial growth then you’ll have a whole new world of success open to you as you keep progressing through your journey to success.


Afraid Of Being Successful

So many people focus on the fear of failure and discuss the issue non stop but never really touch on that fear to succeed!

That right there….

Man, the pressure is unreal!

When you see the financial success or business success that you dreamt of right in front of you then you think about what all will come with it.


It can be absolutely terrifying!


I know you’re probably reading this like…


It sounds impossible to be afraid of success!

But just think about these two scenarios…

First, you’ve waited your whole life to be able to have $100m at your disposal in either credit or cash then you finally have it.


How do you maintain it?

How do you make it last or not go into crippling debt by going on a spending spree?

How do you keep the people you love the most from blowing it without your knowledge or driving you crazy by always asking for a handout?

What are you going to do if you do blow it all and you have to start all over from the bottom?

Terrifying to think of, right…..


Second scenario….

You’ve dreamt of performing in front of a sold out stadium your whole life but you’re use to only performing or pitching in front of small crowds.

Next thing you know, you’re performing/pitching in front of 10s of thousands of people all judging your every move and banking on your every action to entertain them.

For some of the people in the crowd, you’re their hero/favorite player of all time and this is the only time in their life they’ll get to see you perform…


What do you do?

You’ve only performed in front of small crowds and now you’re in the midst of your dream.

You’re in awe of the moment and the fact that you’re just about to live out the moment you’ve been dreaming of your whole entire life!

What will you do if you give up 15 runs in one inning or you completely bomb on a song?

How will you act if your nerves overwhelm you and you can’t even throw the ball right or forget the words to the song?

What will you do if you just completely blow the opportunity and never get another chance to be in that situation again while also letting down every single one of those people that you are a hero to?

I mean, just truly think about that for a moment….


Tips To Overcome Your Fear Of Success

Now I know the scenarios I provided may seem far fetched for some of you guys, but it’s honestly extremely translatable to anything your dream is to achieve.

Either that be achieving wealth, having a business that’s successful enough to live a comfortable life, or being world famous for being a leading expert in your field.

That fear of success and not knowing what life will look like along with the new obstacles that come with said lifestyle are terrifying.

Of course you guys know I have 3 tips for y’all to overcome your fear of success so you can soar to the heights of success you’re dreaming of!


Breathe & Slow Your Thoughts Down

Take your time and slow down your thought process.

Realize that you’re there but you’re still you and the problems you have are good problems, not bad.

Take the moment one step at a time, take the success one step at a time, you can’t find the solutions to every matter in one fail swoop.

So breathe, slow your thoughts down and adjust appropriately from situation to situation and one wealth goal achieved to the next.


Learn To Be An Asshole To The Right People

Look man, you have to learn how to say no to people, no matter how it makes them feel or the support you lose!

People will take advantage of too nice people and being too humble in a moment of great success will have you crumbling every time a major moment arises.

Remember that you worked your ass off to get here, you put in the early mornings and late nights, you went through the mental battles to achieve these goals!

So don’t let someone just walk in and enjoy the rewards of your work just because they want to align themselves with successful people and take advantage of your kindness.

Damn that, be an asshole and tell them no or make them have to work toward the reward they want from you as well!

Even if that person has been apart of the team the whole time.

Pay them what they’re properly owed, give them the position they deserve, but don’t give them the whole pie just because they helped with 20% of the process.


Keep Your Success To Yourself

If you don’t have a team from the start then don’t go out to get a team once you’re at the top, unless it’s going to further your success!

Vultures are always attracted to success and know how to pick those people apart until there’s no more left to take.

Keeping your success to yourself will prevent the vultures from swarming!

If you don’t flash your success and wealth then there will be less flashy trinkets to attract said vultures and make it easier for you to stay focused on success without all the distractions.


At The End Of The DaY

At the end of the day achieving success in anything will always have challenges, come with judgement & criticism, along with trappings that’ll knock you off your path to success.

If you don’t recognize your fears and create a plan to overcome them then you’ll see yourself back at square one time and time again, or never get off the ground in general…

If you’re too afraid to face your fears then your fears will rule you and you’ll never be successful!



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