Tequila Guy’s Whiskey Reviews- Bardstown Bourbon Co. Collaboration Series Ferrand Edition Ranking

Beginning Of Tequila Guy’s Whiskey Reviews

So I’m switching up my whiskey reviews just a little bit…

I’m finally admitting to myself that I really don’t know how to spot the finer flavor notes of a whiskey and I honestly think about it from the viewpoint of a tequila.

So I’m finally saying fuck it and leaning into it!

My whiskey reviews from here on out will proudly be announced as a tequila guy’s view of whiskey that wishes he was a whiskey expert as well!


Now I’m not going to switch up the ranking of bottles in general, but I am going to add my disclaimer and a new logo to my whiskey reviews though!

I’ll also be creating a new home for all my whiskey reviews to live as well across the appropriate platform and of course here as well.

With all that being said, let’s talk about this Bardstown Bourbon Co. Collab Series Ferrand Edition!


Bardstown Bourbon Co. Collaboration Series Ferrand Edition

So as I’m learning of Bardstown Bourbon Co. is that they do a shit ton of collaborations and limited edition series!

Like legit a ton of them!

I’ve personally seen ones done with Bourbon County, a toasted cherry rye, the discovery series, and of course this collab that they’re doing with Ferrand Cognac.

Seriously they have like 5 or more different series with a ton of different off shoots from said series.

It’s bananas to see all the amazing unique expressions they’re releasing.

You can check out everything Bardstown Bourbon Co. here.


In terms of the one I’m reviewing today…

I have the Bardstown Bourbon Co Collaboration Series Ferrand Edition in my glass!

Now I’ll be completely honest, I’ve never had Ferrand Cognac before and I’ve never had any regular level Bardstown Bourbon.

So I’m a little spoiled when it comes to this brand, thanks Jason aka suburban bourbon dad!

Therefore, this review is only based off other Bardstown Bourbon Co expressions I’ve had previously.


Recommended Ways To Enjoy

This bad boy is coming in at a little bit higher than bottled in bond at 110 proof.

As a guy who loves a spicy meatball of a bourbon/whiskey, I highly enjoyed the heat from this expression!

So I only enjoy this expression neat, I would recommend everyone else enjoy it the same to at least start off.

I would never recommend you enjoy this expression in any type of cocktail below an old fashion with a single block ice cube.

A whiskey sour may be pretty delicious with this expression as well!



So like I said previously, this is the perspective of a tequila drinker/aficionado!

I don’t have the sophisticated palette of you bourbon stewards and whiskey experts to fully professionally rate this Bardstown Bourbon Co. Collaboration Series Ferrand Edition at y’all level.

But here I go!

In my book, this is a Top Shelf bourbon!

The amazing spice, the complex mix of pepper, corn, cherry, cognac, and all those other fine subtle taste that y’all bourbon experts get makes this an amazing amazing bottle to use tequila lovers!


Whiskey Tasting Category

I’m going to have to create some new tasting categories for this new found series for whiskey reviews…..

So bear with me as this evolves everyone!

Off the top of my head… The rating are going to consist of…..

tequila heat, cherry bomb, mash ball, well balanced, & spicy meatball.

Now I don’t have the exact definitions of each category right now since I literally just came up with them, but I would categorize this bourbon as well balanced.


Check back later for the proper explanations of each category.

I have an idea of what each explanation will be and keep in mind that this will be coming from a tequila drinker, not a bourbon expert.

In the meantime and in between time, check out the photos of this amazing bottle below to know what you’ll need to pick up on your hunt to add this to your collection.



YouTube Review

So excuse the language in this video, this was filmed when I had this as apart of the Table Bottle Tuesday series.

If you’re looking at the logo and hear me say that in the video, well now you know why!

Otherwise, enjoy the review and make sure to hit that subscribe button as well!




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