Black Owned Tequila Brands

I get asked all the time what tequila brands are black owned and how do I like said brands. To be completely honest with everyone, I’ve only tried 6 black owned tequila brands in my life.

However, it does not mean I don’t know of them though and that I don’t plan on getting my hands on a bottle of each soon.

In the meantime and in between time though I’ve taken the liberty to compile a list of all the black owned tequila brands that I personally know of at this moment and looking forward to trying ASAP! This will be an ever growing list so make sure to continue to check back. I’ll also be turning each brand listing to a link of my review of each brand as I’m able to try each one.

If you see that I’m missing a brand then please feel free to reach out to me to have it added to the list.

  • Deleon Tequila
  • Disbelief Tequila
  • Teremana Tequila
  • Gran Coramino Tequila
  • Jon Basil Tequila
  • Ego Tequila
  • Los Hermanos 1978 Tequila
  • E. Cuarenta Tequila
  • Cincoro Tequila
  • Lobos 1707 Tequila
  • Anteel Tequila
  • TCapri Tequila
  • Revel Avila Tequila
  • Talero Tequila
  • Serpiente For The Bold Tequila
  • Besado Tequila
  • Tequila With Friends (TWF)
  • Reya Libre Tequila
  • Don Londres Tequila

Make sure to support all these brands and of course let me know what you think of each. Cheers TLA Fam!

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