TLA Social Media Collaboration

First and foremost, I look forward to trying any and all expressions of tequila any brand would like to submit.

Friday Group Tasting: You can submit your lineup of 750ml expressions for them to be the featured tequila for our Friday group tasting.

Tequila & A Story Feature: $150 & 750ml bottle of your blanco and reposado expression. I will feature them in my Tuesday Instagram live show. I’ll also do a Wednesday pairing of your reposado with a nice cigar while mentioning your brand in my Friday Instagram live.

Fireside Chronicles Spotlight Brand: $200 & a 750ml bottle of your blanco, reposado, and añejo expressions. You’ll receive the Tequila & A Story package, feature your brand in my Thursday written pairing, and will feature your brand as my Fireside Chronicles Spotlight Brand. The Thursday pairing will be your añejo paired with a high end cigar I would recommend the most with your expression, along with a proper song for people to enjoy while indulging in your expression. In the Friday Live I’ll give my thoughts on your expression along with my co-host giving his notes for the whiskey community to be exposed to your expression as well. 


TLA Business Spotlight Interview: $250 & a 750 ml bottle of all your expressions. We’ll have a TLA Business Spotlight interview along with being the featured brand of my Friday live. We will discuss the origin of your brand, motivation behind entering the industry, get to know the owner(s) of the brand’s personal story and background, discuss where people can purchase your brand, and more.  

All Package Requirements: For each package, your apparel in size xxl needs to be sent as well. I will wear your apparel on my lives that I feature your brand in, other random lives, and in person events as well to help bring brand awareness to your company. 

Additional Packages: If I love your expression and you’re available for distribution in Illinois, I have packages to assist with getting your brands on the shelves in the Chicago area with my network of stores I work closely with. You can also bid to sponsor one of my in person tastings in which I’ll provide samples of your tequila to individuals who follow your brand on Instagram. You can find additional sponsorship details in the TLA Sponsorship section or via the information request form below.