Suburban Bourbon Dad

Our whiskey expert, Jason is a Certified Bourbon Steward, recognized by the Stave and Thief Society. His bourbon collection features over 200 bottles at any given time – hey, you have to drink them too – and he’s constantly on the hunt for bottles of all flavor profiles, proofs, shapes and sizes. He loves to share his bourbon with friends and looks forward to his next trip to the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky. Some of his favorite distilleries as of late include Chattanooga Whiskey, the Bardstown Bourbon Company, Old Forester and of course, many offerings from Buffalo Trace.

Jason is always down to have a pour and a good cigar, or talk whiskey, sports or music. Hit him up directly over at his Instagram, or come on out to the weekly Fireside Chronicles show on the TLA profile.

Fireside Chronicles- EH Taylor

Finally back outside for the filming of Fireside Chronicles! In this episode, we feature EH Taylor and the 5 tequilas all bourbon lovers must try. Make sure to give it a watch!


Anyone who I’ve shared a pour with knows that the center of my whiskey world lies with the higher proof bourbons that have become so prevalent on the market. Almost every major brand has an expression labeled cask strength, barrel strength, barrel proof – if there’s a creative way to label a bourbon to call out its proof, it’s been done. As with my last column featuring five easy to find bourbons under $60, I will try to stay away from the allocated and ultra-rare bottles – Weller Full Proof, Blanton’s SFTB, EH Taylor Barrel Proof, and so on.